AR TALC is High Aspect Ratio Talc, Having Aspect ratio of 8. Produced by Wet Milling Process. Used in Automotive, Coil, Marine coatings & many more protective coatings. As well as exterior emulsion paints. Due to platy structure AR TALC T shows good barrier properties, reinforcement property, scrub property, gloss, non yellowing property, UV resistence property & corrosion.

2. AL FR

Aluminum Trihydrate is Flame Retardant which can resists the properties of paint at high temperatures. This product works on heat sinking & endothermic dehydraion. Its releases about 35 % of its weight in the form of steam @ 220° can be used in industrial paints, solvent base marine coatings, protective coatings were highly inflammable solvents are used.

3. FMSIL Series

Basically FMSIL series is fumed silica which can be used in printing inks, solvent base paints & coatings for matt finish, better transperency, better slip efect. It has outstanding suspension behaviour and it is suitable for pigmented as well as clear coatings.