Kaolins have relatively low plasticity when compared to other raw clay types because kaolinite mineral has a much larger particle size than ball clay and Bentonite. Advantage of the larger particle size of kaolins is that they are much more permeable to the passage of water. Thus kaolins, especially the larger sized ones, speed up casting rates in slurry bodies and drying rates in all bodies.Kaolins are employed in glaze recipes to keep the silica, feldspar, frit and other particles from settling out (the surface chemistry of the particles and their interaction with water are responsible for this behavior). At the same time the oxide chemistry of kaolin makes it the primary source of alumina oxide for glazes.

1. Vitro Bright

Premium Kaolin – Low iron and titanium content with firing L value 96*

2. Micron China GL 90

Processed China Clay – Controlled chemistry and residue with firing L value 94*

3. Micron China GL White

Levigated China Clay – Controlled residue with firing L value 92*

4. Micron China CRC

Levigated China Clay – Controlled residue with firing L value 91*

5. Micron China DKT 90

Processed China Clay – Coarser particle size of 2µ about 45

6. Kaolin G Prime

Digital Kaolin controlled rheology and chemistry with firing L value 94*