Flash & Surface Modified Calcined Kaolins

Our brand “Hyperlite- EST” is a unique Calcined Kaolin which is hydrophobically modified multi-functional filler which provides long-term, efficient protection on homes and exterior walls against exposure to water and the resulting damage and which can reduce formulation cost. Hyperlite-EST cannot be washed out. It creates a permanent, effective barrier which protects substrates, exterior wall against moisture. In contrast to conventional water repellency using additives, Hyperlite-EST promotes re-drying on exterior surfaces. This high performance Calcined Kaolin gives Low Water Absorption with Faster Drying on Surfaces and Low Fouling with Beading Effect.

Our brand “HyperMax” is a new generation Engineered Kaolin which is designed to substantially reduce or eliminate TiO2 in some formulations for Dry Hiding and Scrub Resistance in Mid to High PVC Coatings.

Metakaolins is also produced by 20 Microns under brands “MetaPlast” and “Metacem” for PVC Cables and Construction. It offers Excellent Volume Resistivity, Insulation Resistance, and Enhanced Reinforcement for PVC Cables and also used as a mineral admixture for High Strength Concrete in construction industry providing Superior Strength and Durability due to its Pozzolanic Behaviour.

Hypercilite is our newest offering in the range of Calcined Kaolin which is a High Whiteness “Flash Calcined” Kaolin Produced by an Innovative New Rapid Heating Process, which creates a large number of intrinsically sealed voids within the clay particles. It helps reduce TiO2 consumption upto 30% and the high durability of Hypercilite makes it particularly suitable for use in high quality paints by providing opacity for Silk and semi-gloss Paints through to High Quality Matt Coatings.