1. Geosil – Silica Sand

GEOSIL is a high quality silica sand from Bhuj, Gujarat, India. It is one type of Foundry Sand which has good compatibility with binders, providing great compaction. This controlled sized GEOSIL – Silica Sand helps to get excellent thermal stability with superior finishes, to meet the demands of foundry core and molding applications. GEOSIL Grades of sand are available in various standard sizes and also Resin Coated sand for the shell cores and molds.

2. Geosil Art – Resin Coated Sand

Pre-coated Sized Silica For Shell Moulding Process

  • It gives an exceptionally high hot strength
  • Highly resistant to peel back
  • Very dry, smooth, and free flowing with good resistance to moisture
  • Exceptionally smooth & excellent surface finish of the casting with no sand fusion
  • Water based or Solvent based product range of refractory coatings must be used
  • For excellent casting surface finish
    AFS: 60-65, AFS 70 – 75, AFS 50 – 55
    Available in various grades to suit the different types of operation.
3. Chromtec – Chromite Sand

Chromtec is an imported chromite sand having controlled, consistent, and high quality properties suitable for steel foundry molding application. Used particularly for very high heat resistance. It also helps in resist of slag attack and there by performing in giving a dimensional stability.