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20 Microns – Leading Industrial Minerals & Speciality Chemicals Manufacturer & Supplier in India

We are 20 Microns Limited, the pioneers in the field of Industrial Minerals in India, bringing the organized concept of Micronization and tapping various different Industrial Micronized and Sub-Micronized Minerals under its portfolio. Since few years back, 20 Microns also delved into the world of Specialty Minerals, Chemicals and Performance Additives catering to the niche segments and formulations made through advanced and superior technology to serve our existing and new customer base for diverse applications.

With a devoted R&D and Product Application Centre, we are committed to continuously innovate and offer a variety of products catering to numerous applications and formulations enhancing the product performances and delivering high value added functional solutions to various industries.

Our global reach through our wide customer and distributor network with our expanding global footprint through our subsidiaries as well as our focus into newer segments of Construction Chemicals, Herbal Medicines and Mineral Based Agriculture products is helping us diversify to contribute to the available market opportunities.

The Company has a strong presence across the country with dedicated regional divisions for commercial distribution and technical assistance along with a vast network and infrastructure. Our products touch your everyday life in more ways than one.

Industrial Minerals

Industrial Minerals

Over three decades of experience in the field of Industrial Minerals, and having transformed itself over these years from the concept of Mining to Micronizing to Sub Micronizing eventually leading to Nano sizing, 20 Microns Limited has set enviable standards in terms of its range of product offerings and its basket of minerals from all different purities, colour and particle sizes for all different industries and attaining the best quality in the industry through uts innovative and technologically advanced production processes, mining know how, optimization & controls, marketing practises and distribution network. From Carbonates to Kaolins and Talcs to Barytes and Silica to Mica and Bentonites to Attapulgites, we have them all and have the appetite to increase the mineral base as per the market requirements.

Specialty Chemicals & Additives

Specialty Chemicals & Additives

20 Microns Limited offers a wide spectrum of Speciality Minerals, Chemicals & Performance Additives hat enhance hundreds of product formulations and save on overall formulation costs and reduce the dependency of our customers on imports by offering them localized sustainable solutions for the long term. Slowly and steadily we have successfully build a basket of various specialities from Opacifiers to Synthetic waxes and Matting Agents to Organic and inorganic thickeners for a cross section of industries by identifying opportunities and develop customized product solutions backed by technical support and customer care.

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