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Corporate Governance

Integrity, Transparency and Moral Decorum are core foundation of values followed at 20 Microns.

Corporate Governance based on high ethics and professional conduct is extremely significant at 20 Microns. Integrity, Transparency and Moral Decorum are core foundation of values followed at 20 Microns. Keeping our governance adhered to these values is crucial in running our business operations.


We firmly believe in practicing corporate governance of highest standards that ensure optimizing shareholders values and protecting the interests of shareholders. The Company endeavors to attain highest standards of transparency and accountability by conducting corporate affairs with responsibility and fairness within the applicable regulatory framework.

20 Microns is consistently incorporating practices of global standards in its corporate governance. Integrating a structure centered on a professional CEO system and independent board of directors only confirms our commitment. In March 2007, 20 Microns established an advanced governance structure after announcing a ‘Corporate Governance Charter’.

20 Microns Corporate Governance Charter declares the direction in which a sound corporate governance structure is to be established for effective implementation, including core elements of its management structure such as the safeguard of its shareholders’ rights, the roles and responsibilities of its board of directors, and the independent operation of a dedicated audit organ.

Engaging with stakeholders on a regular basis to foster a culture of open and fair communication is deeply embedded in 20 Microns governance structure. At 20 Microns, we actively involve our stakeholders in critical decision-making processes regarding business practices, new market ventures, sustainable development initiatives and other strategic undertakings.

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