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Guiding Principles

20 Micron is continuously seeking opportunities to expand its mining operations across the globe. A specialized global exploration team is dedicated to explore potential sites for mining. Equipped with experienced academicians and trained personnel, this exploration team uses sophisticated technology and equipments to discover new sites.

The company is constantly striving to enhance its mining operations by bringing prospective sites under exploration. Mining sites are complemented with quality check centers to ensure optimum standards of mined minerals.

20 Microns is continuously seeking opportunities to expand its mining operations.

Guiding Principles

Being a leader in mineral based specialities and using sophisticated technical processes, 20 Microns transforms a large variety of minerals into high value specialty products essential for its customers’ products or manufacturing processes. We secure the purest and brightest ore and exploits them with the highest sustainability standards while respecting the environment – both now and for the future. If the raw material is not a perfect fit for our customer’s needs, it is further beneficiated using the most advanced techniques.

Our expertise in fine particle technology, inorganic and organic chemistries, and finer aspects of material science gets applied to our products know how. Many conversion processes are unique to 20 Microns from purification to separation to classification to drying to calcination and beyond.

Many different processes have been adapted and developed and continuously improved in-house for decades and this experience guarantees a perfect adaptation to the end application. We always aim for safe and incident-free operations throughout the world.

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