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Quality Policy

At 20 Microns we aspire to create a quality for better and sustainable tomorrow, we are committed to ensure the reliability and quality consistency of our products meeting the Global Standards.

We at 20 microns have dedication R&D which works round the clock for the continual development for the newer products with the aim to be more qualitative and highly technical in delivering the products to meet the end application requirement at its fullest.

We have regular upgration and training session at R&D and operations level with the aim to deliver the quality products with technological advancement to meet the future demanding situations.

We have dedicated application based R&D to test our products on the end application and are well equipped with the most advance quality control instruments to produce industrial mineral.

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Environment Health and Safety Policy

Environment Health and Safety Policy

At 20 Micron Limited, we endeavor to create a culture towards protecting our employees, our community and the environment. We aim for having a benchmarking Class and safety above else.

Our EHS management system has been established companywide safety and management objective with aim to aspire for better operational discipline across our plant operations.

20 Microns Employees receive a robust training for the varied safety programs, working jointly with numerous agencies to meet the Industrial standards for the EHS.

We have our objectives set for reaching our target of zero injuries and incidents. We also remain deeply committed to the cause of environmental protection and have inaugurated a First solar energy driven plant at Vadadala with a sustainable approach to green technology.

20 Microns is committed to ensuring environmentally sustainable and responsible operations to achieve highest standards of excellence.

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