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Sustainable Development

Guiding Principles

Sustainable Development takes a top precedence at 20 Microns. Sustainable Development integrates the use of energy resources to meet the human needs while conserving the natural environment. Energy resources that are used optimally to meet the existing as well as prospective demands of current and future generations of human beings.

Woven intricately in the operational and decision-making process, Sustainable Development is a part of 20 Microns’ long-term vision and company goals. Our strong governance system ensures adherence to national and international regulations of sustainable development. We aspire for perennial growth system to ascertain community development, economic growth as well as harmonious ecological balance.

To assure extensive contributions towards sustainable development, dual concerted efforts with the stakeholders is most desirable. And to achieve that, we strive to cultivate a transparent, fair and beneficial relationship with our stakeholders.

At 20 Microns, we take numerous initiatives that contribute towards comprehensive development of community and environment. All our business, operational and manufacturing processes are aligned with our commitment of sustainable contributions to social wellbeing, environmental conservation and economic prosperity.

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