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We believe in enhancing relationships with the communities we operate in. We also support activities that leads to sustainable growth.

The Way We Work

Human resource is the most critical and contributing factor for 20 Microns’ success. Promoting and enhancing their health and wellbeing is as vital as ensuring provisions for their safety. Proactive initiatives are taken to improve healthy lifestyles, health related risks such as fatigue, stress and obesity, and diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Investment in the health of our people, particularly in the context of an ageing workforce and skilled labour shortage, is crucial for ongoing business success.

At 20 Microns, we are committed to attain our goal of having no new cases of occupational illness. We believe that we can achieve this through effective health risk management and the promotion of good health for all our employees. To attain excellence in health risk management, we have put in place occupational health standards and set performance targets.

The company monitors appropriate implementation of Occupational Health & Safety policies at each manufacturing locations. 20 Microns propelled its efforts to achieve excellence in safety performance across all its operations with special attention to improve safety related behavior and actions of employees at all levels and across all functions and units of the Company.

Our health management efforts are not constrained within our premises. Rather, we take these initiatives forward by identifying potential sites where health assistance is imperative for survival. We actively execute community health programmes concerning HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases in the areas where we operate.

The Way We Work

Community Initiatives

As much as we care about bringing innovation to our business, we also care about the world we live in. 20 Microns practices a strong sense of community responsibility, and encourages its businesses to enhance the relationships with the communities in which we operate.

We believe in not only making our customers delighted but the community around us also delighted, by supporting activities that are devoted to sustainable growth.

From health to education, welfare to environment- we’re committed to make a difference. We have always been at the helm of this altruistic pursuit and devoted to responsible leadership by positively impacting the nation on challenging issues.

Community Initiatives

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