1. Micron Talc

Micron Talc is a high purity mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate originating with exceptional high brightness from the world’s best reserves in India.

Talc being an inert material is exhibiting enormously less reactivity compared to the other fillers. It’s us use in agriculture as a barrier against the minute particles and dust further also act as a carrier in the feed premixes and agricultural chemicals like pesticides.

An ultrafine series of Micron Talc is recommended for seed coating to form a uniform micro layer over the seed grains to overcome the problem of moisture formation & disallows premature germination.

2. Micron China

The Crop Protection Chemicals plays major role in the new phase of Green Revolution. The role of crop protection chemicals is not limited to protection; they help in yield enhancement as well. Use of crop protection chemicals can increase crop productivity by mitigating crop loss due to pest attacks.

Usually, Agrochemicals involve an active ingredient in a definite concentration along with Natural Mineral Products which enhance their performance, safety and usability.

20 Microns offers an extensive range of Kaolin clays produced by using advance techniques which uphold the overall performance of the crop protection chemicals suitable for WP Wettable Powder, Seeds Coating, Extruded Granules, Water dispersible Granules, and Emulsifiable Concentrate.

Controlled particles and Bulk Density gives highest suspendibility, lower moisture and desired pH of Micron China series of kaolin Clay powder that have been engineered to bring value-added benefits to basic and generic pesticides that deliver proven effects in herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and other crop care products.

3. Diatha 325

Siliceous earth is an inorganic material, which has chemical composition of >80 of amorphous of Silica. This amorphous phase is very rare and used widely in industrial scale because of its high porosity, fine particle size, very low density and its high surface area. It’s main role is to act as a carrier for the Crop Protection Industry.