1. Microgel – Sodium Bentonite

Economical bonding material in the molding processes associated with metal casting industry. With High montmorillonite content, Bentonite when mixed with foundry molding sands, forms pliable bond with sand particles. It provides good compaction, clean knockout and permeability. Microgel has unique bonding characteristics that ensure the durability of the mould.

2. Nanobond – High Thermal Bentonite

Blended Bentonite powder designed to give high thermal stability along with high compression and tensile strengths, to produce high quality grey and ductile iron castings with smooth surface finish. Reclamation of Bentonite while maintaining the required MB Value for green sand molds Reduction in waste disposal issues.

3. Micron Blend C – Carbon Coated Bentonite

Micro blend is a customized blend of high quality bentonite and carbonaceous additives suit to individual foundry requirements.

  • Increase in WTS & GTS value
  • Less casting defects
  • Increase in Bonding Properties
  • Thermally Durable and Environmental friendly
  • Economically viable as it reduces material consumption