1. Activated Bleaching Earth

This is made from bentonite clay and consist of fine bleaching earth powders and granules with high adsorption capacity. Mined in a sustainable way, our natural products are developed to ensure high levels of performance when used by refineries. The product range provides activated bleaching clays which is able to gently remove pigments, gums and other substances that can unfavourably affect the appearance, taste, odour and shelf life of edible oils.

2. Natural Bleaching Earth

Bleaching earth is probably the most important chemical utilized in the refining of oils & fats, where its function is to purify, decolourize and impart stability in the refined oil. Our Natural Bleaching Earth is a highly effective adsorbent essential in the refining process for the purification and decolourisation of edible and non-edible oils. The specified quality parameters for our bleaching earths reflect their importance to the refiner. The parameters are Activity, Moisture Content and Oil-Filtration Time.