Calcined Kaolin

20 Microns pioneered unique processing methods and applications expertise for calcination along with fine particle technology, and today our fine particle Calcined Kaolins are the most widely used worldwide in numerous applications from Coatings to Plastics and Paper to Construction and Adhesives to Rubber and Wire & Cable. Delivering the highest gloss, our ultra-fine Calcined Kaolins are the perfect complement in high Carbonate Coating formulations to optimize properties and Printability.

20 Microns offers a variety of Calcined Kaolins calcined at medium to high temperatures depending on end applications for its customers across the globe. Feel free to learn about our brands under Calcined Kaolins – Hyper Series, Glazex Series, Hyperfine, HyperMax, Hyperlite ST and Hypercilite.

We have introduced newer technologies to cater to the requirements of our customers by offering them a new range of Hydrophobic Kaolins and Flash Calcined Kaolins.