The range of Coated and Uncoated calcium oxide powder for use as an effective desiccant. in wide variety of adhesive and sealant application, it is act as a drying agent of the mineral fillers used it fulfills the demanding requirements of high moisture absorbency, good dispersion in the host compounding and ease of handling.

1. Calcium Oxide H 100

Uncoated grade of Calcium oxide used as desiccant having desired exotherm temp Suitable for getting high moisture absorbency in the filler system.

2. Vaporoxol 3F

A premium range of Treated Calcium Oxide powder, use as an effective desiccant which is less reactive to external moisture and thereby offer high CaO content compared to untreated Calcium Oxide. It’s more absorbency of moisture while mixed in system. The Exotherm temp > 150° can be achieved.