Calcium Oxide Desiccant

20 Microns manufactures Calcium Oxide Desiccant under it brand “Vaporoxol” which is the Most Economical and Old Line Desiccant; its essential component is Calcium Oxide, which absorbs moisture by chemical reaction.

Compared with Silica-Gel, it has high ability of absorption of moisture, can ensure the retention period of material for more than six months. Calcium Oxide Desiccant is most effective where low critical relative humidity is necessary, and where there is a high concentration of water vapor present.

Vaporoxol reduces Blistering, Bubbling and Pin Hole due to Inherent Moisture by high shelf life treated Calcium Oxide Desiccant. The Calcium Oxide is coated by a chemically indifferent hydrocarbon. Due to this preparation Vaporoxol has reduced air pollution. Additionally there will not be any unintended reaction with humidity.