We have range of natural non reactive fillers for the conrete performance enhaner which crtibute to high grade concrete, particl packing in cement, getting high compressive and flextural strength and reduce permeabilty. It has its wide application in various cementecious product. Also the range of Geosil sereis of uniform and consistent particle size silcica sand with wide range of sizes have its usage in the concrete for increasing the self compacting strength.

1. Metacem 85 C

MetaCem grades of Calcined clays are reactive allumino silicate pozzolan, Metacem combines with Calcium Hydroxide to form Calcium Silicate and Calcium Alluminate Hydrates which helps to increase compressive & flexural, strength. recommended for High performance, high strength, and lightweight concrete, Precast and poured-mold concrete & Fiber cement and Ferro cement products.

Provide resistance to chemical attack, Reduced permeability substantially, preventing alkali- silica reaction, Reduce efflorescence & shrinkage.

2. Metaplast 85

It is reactive ultrafine white allumino silicate pozzolan formed by calcining very pure hydrous kaolin. Unlike other natural pozzolan MetaPlast is water processed to remove unreactive impurities producing an almost 100 percent reactive material. It helps to Increasing Compressive & Flexural Strength, Providing resistance to chemical attack, Reducing permeability substantially, Maintain high whiteness, Reduce spot-etching, cracking & Reduce mottling.

3. Geosil

A range of sized aggregates of silica sand with a uniform particle size distribution to achieve a optimum packing in the cocnrete mix, other cementicious products, It is available in varied sizes from standard zone 3 requriement to other combination sizes ranging from 4.7mm to 0.14mm , It’s hardness yields improve burnish resistance and durability.