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1. Hyper Active

Hyper Active is on example of Mineral Engineering. This custom ground- engineered super pozzolanic material contains highly reactive Siliceous and Aluminous compound produced by using multi level refining and thermal treatment process of the specially selected kaolin. This super aliminosilicate rich Mineral Admixture reacts with calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperature to form compounds possessing cementitious properties in presence of water. Addition of 5 to 10% Hyper Active in concrete react with Calcium Hydroxide produced during cement hydration process and form calcium Aluminous Silicate Hydrate minimizes efflorescence. Its unique particle size distributions makes the concrete denser and cohesive results to higher strength with minimum permeability hence improve the durability of concrete structure more effectively than compare to concrete made with Analog mineral admixture.

2. MetaCem

MetaCem grades of Calcined clay super Pozzolan Mineral Admixture formed by calcining very pure hydrous China clay. Chemically MetaCem combines with Calcium Hydroxide lo form Calcium Silicate and Calcium Aluminates Hydrates. Unlike other natural Pozzolan MetaCem is water processed to remove uncreative impurities producing on almost 100 percent reactive material. The particle size of MetaCem is significantly smaller than cement particles. IS456:2000 recommends use of Metakaolin as Mineral Admixture in concrete and separate specification for Metakaolin is also under process. This thermally structured ultrafine Pozzolan replaces industrial by products. Blending with Portland cement MetaCem- Metakaolin improve properties of concrete and cement product considerably by increasing compressive & flexural, strength, providing resistance to chemical attack. Reducing permeability substantially preventing alkali- silica reaction, reducing efflorescence & shrinkage.

3. HyCrete

HyCrete is an ultrafine closely controlled micro aggregates, especially designed mineral additives incorporated in the concrete system lo enhance the property of fresh and hardened concrete. The Unique particle size-distribution and particle shape optimizes particle packing leaving less void-space ratio. increases the super plasticizer efficiency and delivers a more durable concrete by decreasing permeability due to its extremely fine particle, The rheological properties of HyCrete helps to improve workability of concrete to recommenced to add for lower grade of concrete to reduce cement content.

4. Microcem

Microcem is on ultrafine Portland cement based material used for soil add substrate stabilization, consolidation of rocky grounds, and grouting of micro fine cracks and fissures. It is excellent for soil and earthworks, tunneling and environmental engineering, including hazardous waste containment.

The extreme fineness and uniform grain size distribution of MicroCem
gives it good rheological properties without excessive settlement even at high water to cement ratio. Is beneficial for penetrates voids as well as solution grouts. Adjustable properties including setting time viscosity & strength, No Blending of individual cementitious compound required, easy cleanup, No sulfur fume free of toxic substance is suitable for Soil Injection, Prepacked Injection and Repaired jobs.


Silica products are majorly used to reap its abrasive benefits. The low moisture absorbing and heat resistant’s properties make it an ideal filler to increase durability of epoxy flooring, deck coating and tile adhesive etc.

6. Geosil & Geosil Art

GeoSil – a series of Natural Silica Sand available in various size as per the application need. Silica are mainly used to reap its abrasive benefits in Epoxy flooring industry, further due to low moisture absorbing and heat resistant thereby stands as an ideal filler.

Application : For various construction applications like structural concrete, Plasters, Stuccos, Industrial & Commercial flooring, precast concrete elements, repairing products and grouting etc.

GeoSil – ART is a range of closely controlled colored quartz granules, specially designed for decorative plasters & seamless floor construction suitable with epoxy, urethane or other resins, each translucent granule is colored with permanent resin coated pigments which are bonded to the surface which retains its color and long lasting aesthetic value.

7. MicroGel

MicroGel is a sodium based High Yield Bentonite, produced by using selected ore with high Montmorillonite content is an active ingredient of Bentonite. MicroGel contains higher level of smectite, the active clay content as determined by colloid and x-ray diffraction.

Advantages :

  • Large Surface Area
  • High Swelling & Thixotropic Properties
  • Good plasticity and lubricity
  • High Shear & Compressive Strength
  • Low filter loss
  • High Barrel Yield
  • Low compressibility
8. Hydroxylgel

Hydroxylgel is chemically modified Mineral Thickener with unique chain structure. It can be used as thixotropic agent, stabilizer and anti-settling agent in Hydraulic Cement application like Concrete, Plasters and Mortar Mix, Ad as co-thickener with cement pest. Hydroxylgel also has a wide use as a suspending agent in Shotcrete and in other liquid additives.

Advantages :

  • Small amount of Hydroxylgel increase the plasticity and improves the handling of the mixture without reducing the set strength & also recommended for use in
  • In Plasters Hydroxylgel can add significantly to the adhesion properties of the based mix
  • It has a High Temperature Endurance
  • Salt and Alkali Resistant
  • Provides easy and stable suspensions of insoluble additives
9. Micronized Mineral & Specialty Chemicals

20 Microns offers range of other tailored size Mineral fillers and extender as per the clients requirement especially for waterproof coating system, industrial cement, epoxy flooring and other varied applications.

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Dolomite
  • Barytes
  • Talc
  • Siliceous Earth
  • Kaolin
  • Mica
  • Lithomer (partial replacement for Tio2)
  • Basofix (co-precipitated Barium Sulphate)
  • Calcined Kaolin (Opacifying Agent)
  • FmSil 412 (Matting Agent)
  • AIFR (Flame Retardant)