1. Vaporlite 90 T

Chemically its ultrafine calcium carbonate, which acts as a spacer between TiO2 particles leading to increase the efficiency of TiO2 in the paints and coating application. Shows opacity and sheen in water and solvent based paints. Shows outstanding dispersion, brightness as well as low yellowness.

2. Lithomer C

Lithomer C is white pigment opacifier. This product can be used in water based paints, powder coatings, printing inks, solvent base paints etc for good sheen & whitness. It can replace Titanium Dioxide upto 15-25%.

3. Pearluster

Basically Pearluster is Hydrous Kaolin with particle size of 0.4 micron. This product can be used in printing inks as well as paints of both systems. This will provide you high gloss as well as anti-settling behavior as well as replace Titanium Dioxide by 5-7%.

4. Glowtox 50 / Glowtox 50 Plus

Glowtox is basically a Buff Titanium Dioxide which can be used in dark shades. Its have the micron size below 1 due to which the finish of the product gets enhanced. This product is used in solvent base as well as water based enamels. It can replace Titanium Dioxide-Rutile 100%.