Nepheline Syenite

Feldspars have both alkali and alumina content which makes them particularly valuable in industrial processes. Feldspar Alumino-Silicates act as a flux to lower the temperature of vitrification and provide alumina which promotes Hardness, Durability and Resistance to Chemical Corrosion in Ceramic Wares, Electrical Porcelain, and all types of Glass and Fiber Insulation. Feldspars play an important role as Fluxing Agents in Ceramics and Glass Production, and are also used as functional fillers in the Paint, Plastic, Rubber and Adhesive Industries.

Nepheline syenite is a quartz-free aluminium silicate consisting primarily of the Minerals Nepheline, Microcline and Albite. Because of its extremely low melting point and High Alumina Content, Nepheline Syenite is used as a Glass Phase Promoter, a Ceramic Flux and also as a functional filler in Paint, Plastics etc. Like Feldspar, Nepheline Syenite is used as a Flux in Tile, Sanitary Ware, Porcelain, Vitreous and Semi-Vitreous Bodies. It contributes High Alumina without associated free Silica in its raw form and fluxes to form silicates with free silica in bodies without contributing free silica itself. This stabilizes the expansion curve of the fired body. It is an excellent tile filler and melter, especially for fast firing. Nepheline Syenite is valuable in glass batches to achieve the lowest melting temperature while acting as a source of Alumina.

We procure Feldspar and Nepheline Syenite from the best available resources in India offering range of products with varying particle sizes and brightness catering to the diverse needs of our customers under brand name “Silfermin”.