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1. NanoBond – High Thermal Durable Bentonite

Selected blend of bentonites to achieve optimum foundry properties for the production for heavy duty pressure lines.

  • Better Bonding Properties
  • High Wel Tensile Strength
  • Better Cohesion & Plasticity
  • Reduce Dead Clay Generation
  • Optimum Swelling & Instant Gelling
  • Unique Blend with Imported Deposit
  • Increase Casting Quality – Lower Rejection
2. MicroGel – Sodium Bentonite

Specially grinded Sodium Bentonite Sourced from recognized deposit to ensure highest level of quality and consistency.

  • High Gelling
  • High Swelling
  • Good Casting Surface
  • Quick Baonding Properties
  • Better Flowablity During Filling
3. Micro Blend C – Carbonaceous Blend Bentonite

Micro blend is a customized blend of high quality bentonite and carbonaceous additives suit to individual foundry requirements.

  • Increase in WTS & GTS value
  • Less casting defects
  • Increase in Bonding Properties
  • Thermally Durable and Environmental friendly
  • Economically viable as it reduces material conssemption
4. Geosil – Natural Sand

Controlled Sized Silca Sand to provide solution for Foundry Steel and Refractories in Casting and Green Molding Process.

  • High Degree Resistance
  • Compatible with oil Binders
  • Low Impurities & Thermal Expansion
5. Geosil Art – Resin Coated Sand

Pre-Coated Sized Silica for Shell Molding process.

6. Hypertex – Mullite Powder

Treated Alumina Slicate Mullite – Powder for investment cast sheel building; it is produced by using selective source of row material in specially designed Kiln to meet foundry need.

  • High Purity & High Strength
  • Thermal Shock Resistances
7. Chromtec – Chromite Sand

Imported source of chromite sand having controlled, consistent and high quality properties suitable for foundry application.

8. Microns Perl – Perlite

Natural Perlite for slag Removal Process.

9. Micro Blend WYO – Wyoming Bentonite
10. Hydroxylgel – Rheology Modifier

Engineered modifier to Give Smooth Finish to the Coating applied to foundry Molds & Cores. Hydroxylgel assist in syneresis control, sag resistance, film build, leveling and sereadability.