Ground Calcium Carbonate is widely used in adhesives, caulks and sealants applications, being inhert material they are non reactive and stable in formulation, as a rheology modifier, cost-reducing filler, tensile strength enhancer, toughening agent, opacifier and/or whitening agent. They can be offered in varied range of particle sizes ranging from 40 microns to 1 microns sizes.

1. Micron Carb 4010

A cost effective high bright ground calcium carbonate is used in various adhesive and sealant as a whitening agent, improve gap-filling properties in the formulation.

2. O carb T

Controlled sized Micronised ground calcium carbonate is a cost reducing filler, which act as a rheology modifier, helps to enhance the tensile strength & used as toughening agent for varied adhesive, caulks and sealants formulations.

3. Vaporlite 90 T

A premium grade of Ultra fine Caco3 suitable for less moisture sensitive application its uniform particle size distribution helps to achieve optimum thixotropic properties, controlled viscosity and anti-sagging in sealants, It can also be used to replace ppt calcium carbonate in formulations.