Our range of Coated and Uncoated caclcium carbonate are avaiable in wide range of sizes and brightness to meet the end applciation requriement, they are designed to support both mosture sensitive and less moisture senstive system. The use dof Carboantes in system are not restricted to cost saving filler but also add some rehological and mecahanical properties like tensile strength enhancer, toughening agent, opacifier and/or whitening agent to the end product.

1. Micron Carb

Our range of caclium carbonate ranging from 1µ – 63 µ, It can be used as a filler pigment, making possible the production of a whiter, higher quality pigment than other minerals. It is also used in various adhesive and sealant as a whitening agent , improve gap-filling properties in the formulation.

2. Micron Carb DL

Micron Carb DL series of dolomite are offer with different brighness and particle size distribution from finer to coarser based on the end applciation requriement, dolomite helps to ncrease weatherability & mechaical strength. It has its applciation as filler in plaster, putty and varied concrete mixes. They are also avaiable in grain size for varied texture effect.

3. Vaporlite 90 T

An ultra fine series of calcium carbonate with a particle size of 1 microns is engineered to offer an optimize particle packing leaving less voids to be filled by expensive resin . It also impart excellent flowability and easy dispersion in the system. The high brightness help toeven partially reduce your TiO2 content and helps to make overall cost effective solution.

4. Vaporlite 90 CTD

An ultrafine coated calcium carbonate suitable for moisture sensitive application, it exhibits a unique mechanical properties as thixotropic agent, stabilizer & anti-settling, it helps to achieve better flowability, Excellent void filling capabilities, better coverage and better bond with substrates. Recommended for PU, Silicon, epoxy and like system.