High Aspect Ratio Talc

Our high aspect ratio Talc branded under “AR Talc” is produced using innovative, proprietary delaminating process which significantly increases lamellarity and aspect ratio. Seven to Eight Times More Lamellar Than Standard Talcs, AR Talc T high specific surface area creates a physical barrier which protects the paint substrate by impairing the diffusion of water and corrosive agents through the film. It also gives amazing barrier properties in Food Packaging Films and Light Weight Automobile Compounds. Its gives very low Thermal Expansion and Heat Resistance which offers good dimensional stability in terms of Shrinkage and Warpage.

AR Talc is a High Purity, High Brightness, Natural, Inert, Free from Asbestos, High aspect ratio Free-Flowing Talc which minimizes settling in the production process.

Our new Low Oil absorption Talc with specially designed PSD has been developed for High Solid Coatings which maintains the Rheological properties (Anti-Sag, Leveling, and Brushability / Sprayability) and Functional properties (Gloss and Sheen Control) for improved performance without any wear on the processing equipment.