Kaolin Powder

Kaolin is a chemical inert, crystalline, platy structured – hydrated aluminum silicate mineral, can give good barrier properties in sealants by creating a complicated path to protect the material that has been sealed. 20 MICRONS is one of the largest producer of various grade of washed kaolin powder clay at Bhuj manufacturing facility, located at western part of India mainly for Paint, Paper, Polymer, Pesticides, Adhesive – Sealant & Ceramic Industries.

Rheology of the formulation is an important properties in Sealants and Adhesive, both for producer and the end users. The requirements may be different and carefully selected kaolin product with a suitable particle size and distribution can be used to control both low and high shear viscosities during production, application and post application. The choice of kaolin will be very dependent on the customers formulation.

1. Nellai Clay

A selective source of specially processed kaolin powder helps to improve the flowability with better adhesion and dry time properties which is more suitable in PVA and Water based Adhesives.

2. Micron China 2050

Functional extender to improve cohesiveness and impact strength for epoxies and Acrylic based adhesive formulations.

3. Pearl Gloss

An ultrafine multistage refined hydrous clay offers exceptional homogeneity with control rheology to improve anti settling behaviors. It also helps to enhance the Opacifying properties due to high brightness value. The fine particle also support in ease dispersion in the formulation.

4. Micron China GL White Powder

Used as a Toxin Binder. The cation exchange reaction is rapid, almost instantaneous. The adsorbed material can be easily removed from the particles because adsorption is limited to the surface of the particles (planes, edges), unlike the case with Montmorillonite Clays, where the adsorbed molecules are also bound between the layers. Capability to decontaminate aflatoxins, plant metabolites (alkaloids, tannins), diarrhea causing enterotoxins.