Hydrous Kaolin

20 Microns offers a significant range of regular, fine and ultra-fine grades of Hydrous Kaolins from its own best reserves for use across different industries including Paint, Paper, Printing Inks, Paper Board, Rubber, etc. Our unique grades are among the finest in the world in terms of Brightness, Rheology and Fineness. These grades are designed to give excellent coated surface properties like Gloss, Shade and Smoothness. Specialty grades give excellent results in terms of Opacity and Gloss.

Ultra-fine Hydrous Kaolins with narrow particle size distribution, close to that of Titanium Dioxide, enhances the effective spacing of Titanium Dioxide particles and helps partial replacement in high sheen water-based paints and solvent-based glossy enamel paints. Hydrous Kaolins are normally used as a functional fillers in Ink Formulation, Rubber Industries and Agrochemicals. The platy structure, fine particle size distribution and medium oil absorption property of Hydrous Clay provides great benefits to Paper, Adhesives and Sealants.

20 Microns offers a variety of Hydrous Kaolins under brands Micron China, Pearlustre, Pearlgloss, Supergloss, Coating Clay and many more.