1. Calcium Carbonate Series

Our Surface Modified Sub Micron Calcium Carbonate series with particle size ranges from nearby 0.8 micron to 1.0 micron. It can be used in offset/flexographic printing inks for good gloss opacity and smoothness. Easily Dispersible Product. Can Replace Titanium Dioxide upto 10%. Even it can work as a substitute of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate.

2. FMSIL 412 / FMSIL 412 Plus

High Profile Matting Agent with particle size of 0.7 microns used to provide matt finish wherever required in Printing Inks. Easily Dispersible & High Clarity product.

3. Wax Series

High as well as Low Molecular Micronized Wax in Granular as well as Powder Form can be used to disperse and provide lubricity for hard pigments & increase the dispersion of Printing Inks. Melting Temperature Ranges from 60°C-110°C. Maintained Gloss level.

4. Rio-Bent Series

RIO-BENT is modified organoclay rheological additive for better gelling property as well as better viscosity modifier in printing inks. Gelling can be also done without activators.

5. Hydrous Clay Series

Hydrous Clay Series having high brightness, ultrafine particle size, which provides high gloss as well as anti-settling properties. It also helps reducing upto 10% Titanium Dioxide. Silica Free Product.

6. Hydroxylgel Series

This is a Hydrated Magnesium Aluminum Silicate in Off White color. It plays the role of an inorganic co thickener by replacing 30%-50% of organic thickener such as HEC & CMC in water based Printing Inks. Can be incorporated directly or a pre-gel can be formed of 10%.

7. White Pigment Opacifiers

Our series of White Pigment Opacifiers are used to replace Titanium Dioxide upto 20%. It provides better gloss as well as excellent thin film opacity. It reduces the coat weight. Easily Dispersible & Cost Effective Product in Printing Inks. Even Aluminum Silicate and Magnesium Aluminum Silicate are a part of our White Pigment Opacifiers series.

8. Silfermin FLS

Known as Feldspar and is produced from naturally occurring combination of alumina and silicate having mix oxides and no free crystalline silica. Silfermin FLS is a specially designed extender to enhance the performance of Printing Inks. Silfermin FLS has hard and angular particles create a rigid reinforcing network, possesses hardness properties which maintain desirable scratch and abrasion resistance in coatings for increased service life.