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Inorganic Thickeners

Bentonite is a natural occurrence material dominantly the Clay Mineral Montmorillonite. It is having a layered structure that possesses High Swelling properties and High Cation exchange capacities. When in contact with water it expands up to Twenty to Forty times its dry volume. Depending upon the dominant exchangeable cations present the clay may be referred as Calcium Bentonite or Sodium Bentonite, the two varieties exhibiting different properties and thus, uses. There are three main characteristics of Bentonite that make it commercially useful. They include Thixotropy, Swelling, and Adsorption.

Excellent Thixotropy, Bleachability, Adsorption, Swelling and Suspending Nature make Bentonite important. 20 Microns has Bentonite based Rheological Additives acting as Inorganic Thickeners for both Solvent and Water Borne Systems. 20 Microns produces its Water based Inorganic Thickeber under its brand “RIOBENT EW” which is a Highly Beneficiated, Easily Dispersible Powdered Clay Powder. It imparts Thixotropic Viscosity and Good Suspension control to the Water Borne applications. It used as Thixotropic Agent, Stabilizer, and Anti-Settling Agent in Latex and other General Water Borne Formulations.

RIOBENT EW Rheology modifier is an ultra-fine mineral containing bundle of sub-micron particles. When the bundles are well dispersed in liquid systems, the colloidal particles interact to form a network that entraps liquid and smaller particles and suspends larger particles. RIOBENT EW Rheology modifiers are exceptionally effective Gellants, Thixotropy and Suspending Agents that provide consistent performance over a wide range of liquid systems. RIOBENT EW thickeners provides Sag Resistance, Viscosity Control, Spread Ability and Excellent Feathering.