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Matting Agents

20 Microns produces various kinds of low cost and high cost Amorphous Silica based to Fumed Silica based Matting Agents. Silica-based matting agents can alter the surface in such a way that the light falling on it is scattered in a defined fashion. The matting agent particles stand out, invisible to the human eye. Neither the color nor the base is changed to any great extent.

Our Matting Agents are branded under “FMSIL” Series and “Vapormat”. FMSIL are Fumed Silica based Matting Agents which is high performance sol-gel silica that allows exceptional surface characteristics with excellent slip effect and some outstanding suspension behaviour. “Vapormat” is an Amorphous Silica based Matting Agent for both Solvent and Water borne systems with very low crystalline silica content.