Micronized Wax & Wax Additives

FASTFLOW P : Low Molecular Polyethylene Wax is used as a Matting Wax and Processing AID for hard to Disperse Pigment and fillers in Powder Coatings, Paints and Printing Ink. FASTFLOW P provides Lubricity and increases the processing capability of the extruder to its optimum level of performance. FASTFLOW P increases the Surface Protection and Scratch Resistance.

FASTFLOW S : High Performance Processing AID is used for Natural and Synthetic Rubber which provides Pronounced Lubricant Effect. It improves the Rheological properties of Injection Molded and Calendaring Rubber, improves Homogeneity in Mixing of Rubber Compounds, provides better Dispersion of Pigment and Filler in Rubber Mix, for Extruded products it improves the Gloss and Surface Appearance.

FLOW AID : FLOW AID™ is one pack lubricant for filler loaded polymer compounds like PVC, TPE. It is thermally stable lubricant with high brightness and able to replace both of internal and external lubricant used in PVC processing. It enhances Brightness and Surface Finish considerably, improves impact strength and other Mechanical Properties, lowers Friction in the Machines and Good Mould Release Agent, enables Smooth Processing with higher throughput and imparts Colour Stability during Extrusion and in Exposure.

20 Microns offers a range of PE, PTFE and Amide Waxes which is a wax powder with an average particle size of less than ten micrometers. Only hard wax can be ground this fine. Only low melt viscosity wax can be sprayed this fine. Micronised Wax products are successfully used today in many industries, such as Paints, Coatings, Plastics, Inks and Adhesives.

FLOWLUBE : FLOWLUBE is a kind of Wax Emulsion, suitable to be used in coatings which have special requests on High Transparency and Gloss, and improve the Hand Feeling Abrasion and Scratch Resistance.