Natural Baryte

Barium sulfate is a Chemically Inert, High Density Mineral with a low surface area. Barium Sulfate is also a Radiopaque Agent. These characteristics make Barium Sulfate a Perfect, High-Performance filler for many applications including Coatings, Plastics, Oil Well Drilling, Rubber, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Industrial, and X-ray Contrast applications. Our Natural Barytes products are manufactured keeping in Mind Purity, Fineness, Specific Gravity, Brightness, Acoustic Properties, Barrier Properties and Heavy Metal Content. To accommodate an ever expanding range of applications 20 Microns offers several Barium Sulfate product lines from Off White (Off Colour) to Grey Barytes to White Barytes depending on the application being nodular structured and Highly Dense.

20 Microns produces Barytes using brand name “Micron Barytes” by using an Ultimate Blend from its Domestic and Import Resources and offering products of Highest Purity with various different particle sizes and also customized as per the customer requirement.