1. LOST ‐ Circulation Materials
Grade Name Description
MICRON FSIL Specially designed LCM ,mixture of Granular flakes and fibres
MICRON MICA Mica Fine, Medium & Coarse grade
MICRON PLUG Ground nut shells
MICRON GRP Graphite Powder & Granuals
VAPORSIL Blend of Natural Diatomaceous earth for severe lost circulations
2. Shale Inhibitors & Focculants
Grade Name Description
MICRON PSIL Potassium Silicate
MICRON PHPA ‐ D Dry PHPA polymers
MICRON PHPA ‐ L Liquid PHPA polymers
MICRON RD Readily dispersible PHPA powder
MICRON ASPHALT ‐ S Sulfonated asphalt
3. Weighting Material
Grade Name Description
  • Natural Barytes meeting API standard
  • Micronised Barytes 1μ, 5μ & 10μ
  • Ultrafine Barytes with surface treatment for HTHP
MICRON GEL Sodium Bentonite, meeting API, OCMA, ONGC specification
MICRON OXIDE Hematite, used as weighting agent
MICRON GEL SLT Magnesium hydroxyl ‐ silicates ‐ Salt Gel ‐ Attapulgite clay
MICRON CARB Ground Calcium Carbonate / Marble Powder

  • Ultrafine, Fine, Medium, Coarse & surface treated CaCo3 for HTHP.
4. Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors
Grade Name Description
MICRON OS Sulfite base , Organic catalyst base & Inorganic base Oxygen Scavangers
MICRON COR Corrosion Inhibitors
5. High Temperature Dispersants
Grade Name Description
MICRON RLIG Resinated Lignite
MICRON LIG Ground Lignite
MICRON SLIG ‐ C Calcium Salt of sulphonated ligninite
MICRON CLIG Caussitillised Lignite
MICRON CRLIG Chrome lignite
MICRON SLF 1 Ferrochrome lignosulfonate, Chrome
MICRON SLF 2 Chrome free lignosulfonate
6. Viscosifiers
Grade Name Description
MICRON GUM Natural Guar Gum polymeric viscosifier
RIO‐BENT Organo clay ‐ Inorganic thickening agent ‐
Reheology modifier
HYDROXYLGEL Inorganic thickener ‐ Viscosity modifier ‐
Gelling agent
MICRON HEC Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose polymer
7. Commercial Chemicals
Grade Name Description
MICRON CLC Caclium chloride of varied purity
MICRON CARB Natural Calcium Carbonate used for the
weighting or bridging agent for drilling, work
over and completion. Sized Carbonates like :
2μ,5μ,10μ,20μ,30μ,40μ,50μ,150μ,250μ ,500μ and
MICRON SHY Sodium Hydroxide
MICRON GYPSUM Calcium sulfate
MICRON LIME C Calcium Hydroxide Powder
MICRON LIME O Calcium Oxide Powder
MICRON KOH Caustic Potash, Potassium Hydroxide
MICRON SODAASH Sodium Carbonate
SODIUM BICARBONATE Sodium bicarbonate to remove calcium.
MICRON MgO Magnesium Oxide powder
MICRON SALT NaCL for Weight up and Salt Saturtaed System.
SODIUM CHROMATE Corrosion inhibitor
8. Additives For Cementing
Grade Name Description
METACEM Metakaolin a Thermally treated pozollanic
mineral admixture for Oil well cementing to
enhance the thermal stability
MICRON SIL Quartz powder for cementing
MICRON SPHERES Hard, light weight inert hollow spheres
MICRON GRP Graphite Powder & Granuals