The range of product is a rutile multipurpose titanium dioxide pigment produced by inorganic and organic surface treated. It has fine particle size distribution and remarkable dispersibility, designed to give the excellent gloss, high opacity, better UV, weatherability stability , outstanding durability and good dispersion properties. Also we have some modified fillers which are for solvent and water based system which can be used as a partial replacement for TiO2 without affecting the performance of the product.

1. Nanotox 207

It is a pure white Rutile Titanium dioxide with excellent UV stability and durability, its Uniform particle size offers consistent tint strength, Recommended for use in variety of liquid epoxy coatings, sealants underbody coating system, underbody coating, Epoxy grout, Protective coating etc.

2. Glowtox

Glowtox Buff & BLK is a buff and dark grey color TiO2 and is in a pure rutile form, It has excellent stability, makes it ideal for use in high temperature applications. It can replace white TiO2 in darker shades, Recommended for use in variety of liquid epoxy coatings, sealants,underbody coating,Epoxy grout, Protective coating etc.

3. Lithomer R

An inspiriting innovation of white pigment opacifier attained by means of Co-precipitation, high lightness neutral white colour and it’s diffuse reflectance enable to save costs via partial replacement of TiO2 with highgloss in most of solvent based system.

3. L C Pigment

LC 80 PIGMENT is widely used because it efficiently scatters visible light thereby imparting whiteness, brightness and opacity when incorporated in to coating and it also enable to replace substantial amount of TiO2 in any type of finished product without affecting its coating performance. It is widely suitable in water based system.