1. Hydrous & Calcined Kaolins

20 Microns offers the most comprehensive range of kaolins for the paper industry from the finest Indian reserves ranging from basic filler clays to engineered kaolins for coating, we believe in continuously adding value to paper. We have a range of various hydrous and calcined kaolin grades suitable for various paper manufacturing requirements.

Our products churned out of some fine processing delivers all the properties required by our paper customers. We not only assist in improving the brightness, gloss, opacity and printability of paper, but also provide excellent rheology through our products, which helps to optimize paper making processes. A customized approach to our customer’s formulation needs helps us design newer kaolin based products combined with technical support for various markets of newsprint to specialty papers and coated & uncoated woodfree papers.

2. Ultrafine Calcium Carbonate

Ground Calcium Carbonate is commonly used in many types of paper manufacturing, both as fillers within the paper structure as well as a coating on the surface. 20 Microns offers a dynamic range of carbonates widely used ranging in various particle sizes, brightness and particle size distribution with efficient technical service the leads to improved printability, better opacity and whiteness along with brightness and excellent rheology.

3. Talcs

20 Microns offers a extensive range of Talcs for Specialty Papers which helps in improving its quality and productivity. It is also extensively used in paper board industry as a multifunctional filler, neutralizes many impurities for pitch control, and as a coating pigment to improve the processing efficiency of making paper. Talc also helps in redcuing paper surface friction, and improves surface appearance and paper touch.

4. Bentonite

20 Microns offers a wide range of Bentonites developed for applications in Pulp & Paper is widely as successful retention aid whose unique structure of mineral particles leads to an improvement in retention of fillers and wood fines It also helps as an effective additive for sticky and pitch control preventing formation of contaminants and deposits improving the runnability of paper machines.