The specailly engineered functonal filler are designed to optimise the growing need for the market with product s like Hyper Grain IR has high reflectance which allow to keep the inside wall cooler, then we have hyperlite est which acts as a water repelant filler for exterior facility. We also have micro fine cement which is the need of the day for numeroud crack and repair jobs.

1. Hyper Grain IR

HYPER GRAIN IR granules are formulated for use in modified bitumen roofing applications. Our
durable, high opacity granules have an astonishing High Reflectance that prolongs roof life and contribute to overall energy savings. It has Excellent Stability to weathering, Minimal staining of the granules from bituminous substrate, High solar reflectance & most importantly Significantly reduces air conditioning costs.

2. Hyperlite EST

HYPERLITE EST is a hydrophobic and Easy Dry technology multifunctional extender. Adopting a surface modification called salinization which creates chemically bonding water-repellent molecules to the surface. It is Easy dry multi functional extenders which helps to preventing water penetration in pores & help filling cavity in the capillaries and is cost effective as it helps to partially replace your costly silicon resin in the system. Recommended for Plaster ,Cement mixtures, Water repellant putty & Protective surface coatings.

3. Microcem

Ultrafine Portland Cement for Soil Stabilization, Excellent for Soil n Earthwork, Tunneling and environmental Engineering etc. The fine particle size helps to Penetrates voids as well as solution grouts, helps adjusting properties including setting time viscosity & strength. Recommended for Low grade concreting, Soil Injection, Rock Injection, Prepacked Injection & Repaired job.