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1. Calcium Carbonate

CaC03 is one of the secondary raw materials used as functional filer in plastics industry. It helps to decrease surface energy and provides opacity, which improves the surface finish. The major applications of CaCO3 in plastics are PVC Pipes, Films, Cable, Sheets & Profiles, and Masterbatch.

All grades are available in Coated and Uncoated form.

We have range of Natural Ground Calcium Carbonate particle size ranging from D (97) = 6 to 26μ, these are produced from best sources from Vietnam, Malaysia and Egypt.

VAPORLITE : Sub – Micron Calcium Carbonate :

VAPORLITE is modified Calcium Carbonate produced by innovative processing technique, having controlled ultra-fine particle size distribution which gives better gelation, reinforcement, etc. It aho acts as a modifier to improve mechanical properties i.e. impact, strength, etc in plastics Masterbatch / Compound such as PE, PP and PVC etc.

2. TALC : Hydrated Magnesium Silicate

TALC having better functional properties like flexural strength in compounding and clarity in film.


AR TALC T : High Aspect Ratio TALC :

AR TALC T is a high brightness and micro particles talc produced by revolutionary new engineered milling techniques which create large number of lamellar platy particles structure means high aspect ratio, these lamellar particle (high aspect ratio) ensure as an ideal reinforcing fillers which excels greater stiffness / impact balance. Flexural modulus and better dimensional control over a range of temperature for all thermoplastics including polyolefins (PP and Polyethylene), PVC, polyester blends and all blends of engineering plastics compound.

3. Vaporoxol – 3F Surface Treated Calcium Oxide Desiccant

VAPOR OXOL-3F is a surface treated Calcium Oxide Powder for use as an effective desiccant.

It is highly coated by a chemically indifferent hydrocarbon which can be used as a desiccant in wide variety of plastic processing applications such as extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, calendaring, roto-molding and compression molding etc.

4. Lithomer : Opacifying Pigment, Pigment For TiO2 Reduction

An inspiring innovation of white opacifying pigment attained by means of co-precipitation under special controlled post production treatment which obtains ultrafine particle size distribution and is optimally adjusted for optical rheological properties. It is very effective in white masterbatch to save cost via partial replacement l.e. 20 – 25% TiO2 and resistance to yellowing. We have two grades of Lithomer.

Lithomer Tox & Lithomer Plast – R

5. VaporBlock : Anti-Blocking Agent

It is a functional anti blocking agent, reduces the tendency of thermoplastic films to adhere without affecting the critical properties of the film such as strength, clarity and low haze etc.

6. Silfermin : Nucleating Agent

Silfermin Sereis – Silfermin a range of products act as functional fillers and extenders for a diverse range of polymer applications. It can also be use as an anti-blocking agent.

7. Basofix : Synthetic Barium Sulphate

Basofix- Synthetic Barium Sulphate – an inspiring innovation from 20 MICRONS with an ultra fine average particle size of 0.7 microns specially developed for masterbatch of polyolefins compound to impart high gloss.

Basofix can be used in acoustic pipes to minimize the noise level due to its higher specific gravity which provide excellent sound dampening properties.

8. FMSIL Series : Synthetic Amorphous Silica

FMSIL is used to improve the performance of thermoplastics, polymer compounds, composites and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

Both hydrophilic and hydrophobic types of FMSIL are used as additive for: Antiblocking agent in polymer films, Matting of plastics, IR absorption in greenhouse film, Rheology control, Free flow, Nucleation of foam, etc…

9. Metaplast : Calcined Kaolin

Calcined kaolin is reactive kaolin produced by removing Hydroxyl group from hydrous kaolin. It offers excellent volume resistivity, insulation resistance along with mechanical properties of dimensional stability. It easily gets dispersed with host polymer and very much recommended in cable application.

10. Flame Retardant

We have two types of flame retardants: Aluminium trihydrate (ATH) & Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH).

ALFR : Aluminium Trihydrate (ATH) :

ALFR is produced by exceptional engineered production process. It works on the basis of heat sinking and endothermic dehydration characteristics that enable alumina trihydrate to retard the burning of polymers. ALFR release about 35% of its weight in the form of steam at approximately 220°C (428°F). AL FR also improves the Arc-track resistance in electric composites.

MGFR : Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) :

MAG FR is a halogen free flame retardant for low smoke, FR cable compounding and sheet molding application and for electronic and high tech applications where flame retardance and durability are primary concerns.

11. Processing AIDS & Waxes

Based on unique chemistry, a range of processing aids provides dramatics Improvements in polymer processing.

Flow AID :

Flow AID is one pack lubricant for filler loaded polymer compounds like PVC, TPE. It is thermally stable lubricant with high brightness and able to replace both of internal and external lubricant. It can replace existing processing aids and lubricants such as metallic stearates, amides, and fatty acid derivatives used in polyolefin’s and in PVC.

Fast Flow-P :

Fast Flow-P is a unique modified low molecular Polyethylene Wax. It has an excellent thermal stability, excellent release, efficient external lubricant, improve processabilty & molding cycle and excellent flow properties.

Poloid TPT :

Poloid TPT is a complex polymer based processing aid which gives excellent nucleaning effect and enhance dispersion in talc and mica fled compounds. It has excellent mold release lubricating effect in PP, PE and PA due to their chemical structure.

Flow Wax :

Flow Wax is a low molecular weight wax with excellent wettability resulting into homogeneous dispersion of pigments in host polymer, especially in white and color masterbatch. Flow wax works as Internal and external lubricants during processing.

Pol Disperse P :

Pol Disperse P is a high quality multi-functional processing aid for higher filler loading compound like PE, pp, PVC & EVA. It is very efficient to offer larger benefits such as melt structure removal, die build up, reduction of gels, surface defects & lower energy requirements.