Polyethylene Wax (PE)

Waxes are frequently used as additives in coating formulations. Trecora’s range of Polyethylene waxes can be used in a number of coating types, particularly in : Paints, Automotive Coating Powder coatings, Paper Coating, Can Coatings, Coil Coatings Wood/furniture coatings, Marine Coatings.

Polyethylene Wax (PE) available in Flakes, Granules, Powder, Micronised Powder & in Emulsion form



  • Abrasion, rub and mar resistance : Waxes are used to protect a coating and/or its substrate from cosmetic and physical damage. The hardness of the wax will determine the effectiveness in improving abrasion resistance. The wax in an exterior topcoat for beverage cans must help protect the decorative aspect of the container, i.e. the ink. Additionally, the use of wax in the coating formulation prevents physical damage to the topcoat caused by contact with another can.
  • Coefficient of friction : Many applications require the coated surface to slide against a stationary surface, which can occur during manufacturing or end use. Assuring that the coefficient of friction of the coating is at a low value facilitates the process. Waxes reduce the coefficient of friction of the system. Harder waxes are more efficient in reducing the coefficient of friction.
  • Chemical Resistance : Waxes can aid in the resistance properties of a coating. Salt spray resistance of an exterior coating that will be exposed to severe weathering can be improved by adding a barrier enhancing wax.
  • Block resistance and release properties : Waxes impart a non-stick character to a coating that decreases the tendency for blocking. Unwanted transfer or adhesion of coating to a contacted surface is thus prevented.
  • Influence on Gloss : Waxes can be used to control gloss to achieve a desired matt effect. An example of this is satin finish coatings for wood.
Products Physical Form Melting Point (°C) Viscosity (Cps) FESEM MICROGRAPH
FLOWAX PR 700 GRANULES POWDER 100.0 – 107.0 140.0 – 170.0
FAST FLOW P GRANULES 95.0 – 115.0 2500.0 – 2700.0
FLOWAX 45 MW GRANULES 98.0 – 107.0 130.0 – 170.0
FLOWAX 19 MW GRANULES 96.0 – 105.0 140.0 – 180.0
FLOWAX 520 GRANULES 107.0 – 115.0 600.0 – 700.0
FLOWFINE Micronised Powder 97 – 107 150-180
FLOWAX NZ8 Specialized Low molecular wax granules 96 – 105 130 – 160  FLOWAX-NZ8
MICRON WAX 32 AF White Powder 115.0 – 125.0 150.0 – 170.0
MICRONISE WAX EMULSION Pale Yellow liquid 30.0 – 10.0
  • Paints
  • Automotive Coating
  • Marine Coating
  • Wood finishes
  • Coil Coating
  • Can Coating (Two-piece Aluminium can)
  • Powder Coating