1. Lithomer R

Lithomer R is white pigment opacifier. This product can be used in solvent based, powder coatings, printing inks, Etc. It has good non yellowing property as well gloss enhancing property specially in top coats. It can replace Titanium Dioxide upto 20-25%.

2. Basofix

Basofix is a Synthetic Barium Sulphate with particle size 0.7µ which can be used in high quality paints, powder coatings for high gloss, opacity & whitness. It also replaces 10-15 % of Tio2.

3. Barrigloss

Synthetic Barium Sulphate with Light Grey Colour which can be used in powder coatings, acrylic putty, primers & any solventbased coatings where Carbon black is using, it will increase gloss & biding power of coatings also it can partialy relace carbon black from the formulation.

4. FastFlow P / ML

Chemically Fast Flow is a Polyetheylene Wax having the melting point of 110±5. This product can be used in printing inks as well as powder coating industries for fast dispersion of hard pigments. This product can be used for Scratch & mar resistence, good leveling property.

5. Glowtox 50 / Glowtox 50 Plus

Glowtox is basically a Buff Titanium Dioxide which can be used in dark shades. Its have the micron size below 1 due to which the finish of the product gets enhanced. This product is used in solvent base as well as water based enamels, powder coatings etc. It can replace Titanium Dioxide-Rutile 100%.