Precipitated Silica

Precipitated Silica

20 Microns offers range of precipitated silica grades which acts as  Matting agents to reduce the gloss in a variety of coatings applications. The application segments for silica based matting agents include coil coatings, industrial wood coatings, general industrial and automotive coatings as well as printing inks, leather/textile coatings and decorative coatings. Coil, wood and furniture coatings are the applications with the largest volumes but radiation-cured coatings and other coating systems as well as printing inks also employ silica. 

The solvent borne paint sector has been more important for silica than waterborne coatings. However, the pressure to reduce VOC emissions and formulate solvent-free paints has led to the development of grades of silica that are suitable for formulation in powder, ultraviolet and waterborne coatings. Efficiency of the matting agent depends on the type of silica, particle size distribution and porosity of the particle. A high porosity is a key feature of a modern matting agent as it enables the formulator to limit the addition rate of a matting agent in a formulation. Unfavorable viscosity effects as well as limitations in surface properties of the coating can be avoided.

Apart from that the range of Precipitated silica are also in varies agro chemical industries as carries and in adhesive as well for the rheological behaviours in the formulations.

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