Bleaching Earth

Bleaching Earth

The bleaching earth is used in the refining of vegetable oils and animal fats for human consumption. The absorbent capacity of the bleaching earth removes the impurities and unwanted matter, such as coloring substances, soaps, proteins, and others, found in oils and fats. GALLEARTH grades are made from selective bentonite clay and consist of fine-bleaching earth powders with high adsorption capacity. GALLEARTH series are developed to ensure high levels of performance when used by refineries. Our research and Technical team partner with clients to focus on the development of optimized solutions for oil refining requirements. Offering a range of product solutions in the industry and we are committed to continued efforts in developing newer solutions to purify edible oils for the future.



  • Activated Bleaching Earth: We have both Natural and Activated Bleaching Earth which are designed carefully to cater the EDIBLE OILS and FATS industry for enhancement of product quality and stability. Its main purpose is to act as a Adsorbing agent to remove the impurities, unwanted color bodies and other contaminants.
  • Natural Bleaching Eath:

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