Calcined Kaolin

Calcined Kaolin

20 Microns pioneered unique processing methods and applications expertise for calcination along with fine particle technology, and today our fine particle Calcined Kaolin's are the most widely used worldwide in numerous applications from Ceramics, Coatings to Plastics and Paper to Construction and Adhesives to Rubber and Wire & Cable. 

Extremely fine grades of Calcined Kaolin helps to exhibit exceptional Opacifying properties, better gloss, hiding properties , high brightness. Further more it helps to reduce your Titanium consumption in the finished product formulation and also replaces  synthetic aluminum silicate

We have introduced newer technologies to cater to the requirements of our customers by offering them a new range of Hydrophobic Kaolins and Flash Calcined Kaolins.

20 Microns  offers a wide range of sustainable kaolin-based solutions to optimize customer operations in a variety of industries such as ceramics, Paints and Coatings, Textile, cosmetics, paper and packaging, paints, pharmaceutical plastics and rubber.


  • Glazex 90: Premium Calcined Kaolin – Extra finnes and Lower loss on ignition with Alumina content 43* and firng L value 97*
  • Hyper 80: Premium Calcined Kaolin – Lower loss on ignition with Alumina content 42* and firing L value 96*
  • Hyper Tex C: Calined China Clay – Lower loss on ignition with Alumina content 40* and firing L value 93*
  • Hyper CRC: Calined China Clay – Coarser particle size with Alumina content 40*
  • Hyper Ceramic: Calcined Clay Grains with High Bulk density and Alumina content 40* ideal for stoneware.

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