Fumed Silica

Fumed Silica

Fumed silica is manufactured via a dry process of combustion hydrolysis in the gas state. The primary particles consist of nano-size flakes. Fumed silica, structurally, has no gap among particles and is weakly agglomerated together with minimal internal surface area.

 Fumed silica is traditionally utilized for rheological purposes. The Rheology control function includes thickening (bodying), Thixotropy, Anti-sag, Hold out, Edge coverage and Pattern control in metallic finishes. The coating uniformity is improved by preventing the pigment stratification during the curing, even at high temperatures.

20 Microns offers a range of Fumed Silica based on the Viscoity and rheology demanded in end formulation for  industries like Paints and coating, plastics, Textiles, Adhesives, Construction chemicals etc.


  • FMSIL 212: A cost effective fumed silica for varies adhesive to get optimum viscosity, matting effect and anti-sagging Properties, it can help to partially replace your high end fumed silica in the system.
  • FMSIL 200 & M5:  A range of Hydrophilic fumed silica for less moisture sensitive application which provides reinforcement and rheology properties of thixotropic and anti-settling in Sealant system recommended for various acrylic, polysulphide, epoxy, MS sealants etc.
  • FMSIL R 972: Hydrophobic surface modified fumed silica with controlled moisture of less than 0.5% specially developed for moisture sensitive application, it helps to offer high Transparency with good corrosion resistance. Recommended for silicones, Silane modified polymers & PU systems.

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