Titanium Dioxide -  White

Titanium Dioxide - White

20 Microns offer range of white rutile based Titanium Dioxide in the brand of Nanotox,  This product is a rutile multipurpose titanium dioxide pigment produced by inorganic and organic surface treated. It has fine particle size distribution and remarkable dispersibility, designed to give the excellent gloss, high opacity and outstanding durability and good dispersion properties.

The consistency and uniformity in the offering is the key aspects in our Tio2 our offered Tio2 gives exceptional Tint strength, High Gloss, and Superior dispersibility.

This Tio2 has in application In array of application like Paints and Coatings, Plastic , Adhesive, cosnt chemicals, ceramics, and foundry coatings etc.


  • Nanotox: Nanotox is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium. Nanotox has properties of reducing spatter in Welding Electrodes. Arc ignition in welding Electrodes is being facilitated by Nanotox. Nanotox is used as a fluxing agent, slag former, and shade modifier in the electrode.

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