White Pigment Opacifier

White Pigment Opacifier

20 microns offers range of engineered series known as white pigment opacifier Which increase the scattering power of light by partial replacement of TiO2. Scattering power is affected by a variety of factors, including path length, concentration of scattering particles, difference in refractive index and distribution of scattering.

White Pigment Opacifier are always significantly lower cost and also fluctuate by only a fraction of the TiO2 price when it changes. Partial replacement of TiO2 with white pigment opacifier therefore makes the economic performance of your business more sustainable, in addition to lowering the environmental impact.

Application of multiple coats of a paint results in thicker films and can improve scattering. However, other performance properties can be negatively affected, resulting in longer application time and cost inefficiencies because of the increased volume of coating required. Higher amounts of scattering particles, most commonly TiO2 and opaque polymer, result in higher scattering power, but TiO2 significantly increases cost. LC pigment which partially replace the TiO2 in paint formulations and decrease the overall Paint formulation cost.

Further it has it application in many industries whre Tio2 are incorporated and where Hiding, opacity or demand for high brightness is required.


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