Synthetic Barytes

Synthetic Barytes

Our brands “Basofix” for Whiter Shades and “Barigloss” for Darker Shades is an inspiring innovation from 20 MICRONS with an ultra-fine average particle size of 0.7 microns specially developed for paint, powder coating and pigments manufacturing application. Special production methods and various inorganic treatments now permit customized solutions for the most diverse range of problems/applications. The fine particle size imparts high gloss and coverage whereas the white colour imparts excellent shade and brightness to the end product.

Ultra-fine particle of Synthetic Barium Sulphate act as a spacer for prime pigments and hence contributes to the hiding with very high gloss in end application. It is totally inert under normal conditions, and possesses high resistance to outdoor exposure and to chemicals. It has no influence on the viscosity, so it is possible to use precipitated Barium Sulphate to the highest percentage in the formulation. It has no effect on the gloss. Thus, precipitated Barium Sulfate help to reduce VOC and replaces the more expensive pigments, to reduce formulation costs and provide a good opportunity.

Oil absorption and specific surface area of carbon black and precipitated Barium Sulphate have a big difference, by flocculation resistance, effective role of black carbon can only be increased marginally, if use precipitated Barium Sulfate instead of lots of carbon black it will reduce the quantity of base demand and viscosity, and further will reduce the VOC.

Basofix Micro performs brilliantly in application like Paints and coatings, Plastics and rubber Adhesive, Ceramics etc.

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