Wax And Wax Additives

Wax And Wax Additives

20 Microns offers a range of PE, PTFE and Amide Waxes which is a wax powder with an average particle size of less than ten micrometers. Only hard wax can be ground this fine. Only low melt viscosity wax can be sprayed this fine. Micronised Wax products are successfully used today in many industries, such as Paints, Coatings, Plastics, Inks and Adhesives.

This waxes suitable where demand for High Transparency and Gloss, and improve the Hand Feeling Abrasion and Scratch Resistance are required , it offers thermally stable lubricant with high brightness and able to replace both of internal and external lubricant. It enhances Brightness and Surface Finish considerably, improves impact strength and other Mechanical Properties

This waxes are offered in varies solid content and melting points to meet the requirement of the finished products.

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