We have range of Silica grades of from fine powder to agggregate in semi , super snow white series and a unique range of Colored Quartz with more than 42 different shades for Epoxy tile grout and other asthetic applciation. The range of quartz are offered with uniform particle size distribution to offer a seamless flooring with easy appicationa and better durabilty. THe range of quartz has it aplciation in numerous areas like cement, flooring, plaster, tile adhesive, self levelling , grouting and many more.

1. Geosil Art

GEOSIL ART is the range of colored quartz aggregates produced with polymer binder and lightfast pigment on base material. Compatible with Water and Solvent binders and are available in Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic system, the used of colored quartz Replace issues of pigment for epoxy grout. recommended for epoxy tile grouts, eoxy floorings, asthetic flooring, wall plasters etc. They are avaiable in varies sizes randing from 2.3mm – .06mm.

2. Geosil

Geosil is a range of silica aggregates available in varied sizes, It’s hardness yields improve burnish resistance and durability they re avaaible in varies sizes 6.7 – 0.105mm and in varioud appereacne. It has its application tile adhesive, screed, self levelling, floor coating, cementicious grouting etc.

3. Micron Silica

A uniform sized silica floor ranging from 5µ – 200µ having its applciation in various floor coating to cementicius grouting applciation, plaster and other construction chemical products. This silica have high abrasive and hardness which are required on various flooring application for better durability.

4. Micron Silica 100S

It is a uniques degisned product with uniform size and engineered particle size distribution to achive excellent flowability with better durability in floor coating to self levelling applciation. It hepls in uniform spreading of for floor coating material with less resin consumption due to elimination of dust particles from the product.