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Rheological Additives (Organoclays)

20 Microns has opened up its horizon by manufacturing Organoclay based Rheological Additives for Solvent Borne Systems under its brand “RIO-BENT” which is an organic derivative of Bentonite clay act as rheological additive in moderate to high polarity systems. It is an easily dispersible additive for systems containing primary aliphatic and other non-polar to medium-polar solvent-based systems. It can be added as a powder either before or after the Pigment Dispersion.

Rio-Bent is composed of agglomerates, which are stacks – or books – of Bentonite platelets. Quaternary ammonium ions are bonded to the surface of the platelets. These ions render the Platelets Organophilic. When Rio-Bent is added to an organic solvent and subjected to shear, the Quaternary Ammonium ions become dissolved. The force of dissolution keeps the clay platelets in Suspension, Dispersing the Rio-Bent and causing Gelling.