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1. Vapourlink: Partial Replacement Of Carbon Black

VAPOURLINK is a fibrous lath-like crystal structure. VAPOURLINK exhibits a synergism in combination with carbon black to increase the toughness and durability of mechanical rubber goods. It is cost-effective reinforcing filler. It also partially replaces carbon black in rubber formulations.

2. High Aspect Ratio TALC

AR Talc is reinforcing filler and a processing aid in rubber applications. AR Talc is particularly suited to high impermeability applications. The AR Talc is made from purest Talc deposits and specially processed to provide a larger specific surface area product than most regular Talc available in the market. Talc being the softest minerals on earth does not wear metal components (extruders, moulds). Ultrafine AR Talc provides enhanced reinforcement properties in rubber / elastomer applications. AR Talc’s lamellar particles create an impermeable barrier, substantially reducing air and liquid transmissions. AR Talc also diminishes plasticizer evaporation, resulting in good thermal and weathering resistance, there by extending service life. High Aspect Ration AR Talc imparts excellent barrier properties.

3. High Performance Processing AID

Fast Flow S is used as a processing aid for natural and synthetic rubber which provides pronounced lubricant effect. Improves the rheological properties of injection molded and calendaring rubber. Improves homogeneity in mixing of rubber compounds. Provides better dispersion of pigment and filler in rubber mix. For molded components, Fast Flow S improves the flow characteristics and thereby increase the productivity and reduces the rejection level. For extruded products, it improves the gloss and surface appearance. Techno commercially much more beneficial than most of the conventional products.

4. Surface Treated Calcium Oxide

An Effective Desiccant- Vapor Oxol 3F is a surface treated Calcium Oxide Powder for use an effective desiccant. CaO is coated by a chemically indifferent Hydrocarbon which reduces air pollution and prevents unwanted reaction with humidity. It is an excellent product to eliminate excessive moisture and improve product quality and consistency.

5. Vaporsil 90: Partial Replacement Of Precipitated Silica

VAPORSIL 90 is amorphous silica developed by advance technology offers rapid incorporation in rubber matrix, excellent dispersion behavior. It offers high filler loading with favorable rheological properties, good calendaring properties imparts matting effect, superior surface appearance, low tension & compression set & good aging properties. VAPORSIL 90 can replace 30% of precipitated silica in Rubber compounding without compromising the end product properties.

6. Sub-Micron Hydrous Kaolin

Coating clay 90 has unique and consistent particle size produced by a special milling technique which creates a optimize narrow particle size distributions. Coating Clay 90 is submicron clay and work as a Semi reinforcing filler.

7. High Performance Calcined Clay

HYPERLINK 66 range of Calcined Clay adds stiffness, improves reinforcement and renders better dimensional stability. HYPERLINK enhances heat, electrical and chemical resistance.

8. Zinkomer: Ideal Replacement of Zinc Oxide (White Seal)

ZINKOMER is a specially engineered product which acts as a supreme activator for Rubber processing as well as provides superior rheological and mechanical properties. Replaces zinc oxide 100%, Techno commercial immensely beneficial as compared to Zinc Oxide.

9. Flow AID: One Pack Lubricantfor Rubber Application

Used a processing aid for natural & synthetic rubber, which provides pronounced lubricant effect and improve the flow. Improves the rheological properties of injection molded, extrusion & calending rubber. Prevents shrinking & cracking specially for rubber mix and vulcanized rubber. Provides resistance to UV light & weathering. Provides better dispersion of pigment & filler in rubber mix.

10. White Pigment Additive for Colored Rubber Compound

White pigment’s relative scattering, high lightness, neutral white color and its diffuse reflectance enables colored rubber compound producers to save costs via partial replacement (50%) of TiO2 & Polymers. In addition, LITHOMER R improves the color tone & mechanical properties of rubber components.

11. Aluminium Trihydrate (ATH): Flame Retardant

AL FR 9 is produced by exceptional engineered production process. It works on the basis of heat sinking and endothermic dehydration characteristics that enables trihydrate to retard the burning of polymers. AL FR 9 releases about 35% of its weight in the form of steam at approximately 220°C (428° f). This water vapor quenches the surface of surrounding materials while restricting the access of oxygen to the burning polymer and combustible and potentially toxic off- gases are also diluted by this water vapor. AL FR 9 also improves the Arc-track resistance in electric composites by absorbing generated heat, due to the endothermic dehydration water vapor slows the surface degradation of the polymer and the resultant formation of the carbonized film or track.

12. Low Molecular Pe Wax

FAST FLOW ML is a unique highly modified low molecular polyethylene wax having low melting point specially developed for rubber compounding. It is easy to disperse compared to paraffin wax as it is in granular form & helps to disperse filler in rubber matrix while compounding.

13. Precipitated Silica

SYNSIL 40 T has high reinforcing potential and gives high shore hardness, high tensile strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance in rubber compounds.

14. Coated Calcium Carbonate

3CT is a surface treated ultra fine natural Calcium Carbonate. This product is specially produced for extruded rubber products.

15. Uncoated Calcium Carbonate

Micron carb 2M is a special grade of Marble base Calcium carbonate with very high purity and extremely controlled and narrow particle size distribution. Due to this excellent particle size distribution, it provides superior mechanical properties and reinforcement characteristics in Rubber processing. It can also be used in place of precipitated calcium carbonate.