Natural Silica or Silicon Dioxide is one of the most common minerals in the earth’s crust. The natural Silica is Crystalline Mineral with varied forms. “Micron Silica” is a grade name of Natural Silica Series, manufactured by 20 Microns Limited. This micronized ground Silica is inherently Bright, White, Low in Moisture & Inert by Nature and the Hardness of Silica Mineral yields improved Burnish Resistance and Durability.

Produced in a variety of sizes with High Purity, our products are produced from high purity Silica ore which are inherently Inert, Bright White, with Low Moisture and Highly Pure. Some of the main properties improve Coating Hardness, Chemical Resistance, Resin demand and Dispersibility. The consistent pH and narrow size distributions allow very high loading with minimal effect on Viscosity and Cure Rate versus Synthetic or Precipitated Silicas.

A variety of applications with different products from 20 Microns are catered ranging from Coatings to Plastics, Glass to Foundry, Ceramics to Electronics, and many more.